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Quiz! Can you name the top 25 Premier League scorers from countries that have NEVER appeared at a World Cup?

It’s often more tricky for players from the more far-flung nations of Earth to reach England’s top tier. They won’t have a domestic league with a high enough profile to offer a shop window, for example, while it’s also much harder to ‘wow’ on the international stage.

That’s because each of these players hails from a country that’s never qualified for a World Cup (from 1930 to 2018 inclusive). Yet from Mali to Montserrat, Finland to Zimbabwe, each has found a route to the Premier League – and then discovered goals at the end of it.

These are the Prem’s top scorers from the minnow nations of world football. Although we would say: watch out for the odd curveball. Our Guyanese striker, for example, was born a stone’s throw from the River Thames.

Now, you have eight minutes to name this fine and exotic mix – and then as much time as you like to tell us how you got on @FourFourTwo. We’ll retweet the best efforts if you don’t give answers away – and please challenge some friends while you’re at it.

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