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Suarez requests asylum at 21 European clubs

Reports suggest want-away Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has taken refuge in the transit area of John Lennon Airport and refuses to leave until one of Europe's top clubs agrees to sign him.

Liverpool fans have reacted with anger to Suarez's flirtation with Arsenal over recent weeks.

Many feel betrayed after forgiving the Uruguayan for past indiscretions that include racially abusing Patrice Evra, biting Branislav Ivanovic and a recent interview in which Suarez personally insulted each of Liverpool's season ticket holders by name.

Now Suarez has gone a step further, suggesting that he will refuse to play for Liverpool, branding their attempts to keep him at the club against his will an abuse of his rights.

"What kind of society is this where an employer pays you £120,000 per week, sticks by you despite a series of damaging on-the-field incidents and then feels they can demand you perform the basic duties contractually required of you?" read a statement from Suarez.

"It's time we made a stand against this oppression. I have sent letters to 21 European clubs asking them for a transfer. I can assure any future employer that I will give 100 percent for as long as they remain in the Champions League and allow me to besmirch the club's image with my motiveless boobery."

Despite Suarez's determination to jump ship, Liverpool owner John W Henry insists he is going nowhere.

"He'll be back soon enough," the affable billionaire told FourFourTwo.

"I'm unequivocal that we won't sell Luis. He's too important to the club. Besides, he won't be able to hold out long in John Lennon Airport's transit area - there's not even a Costa in there."

Latest reports suggest that Suarez is attempting with little success to get change for a £50 note in order to buy an overpriced Boost from a vending machine.