Top 10: Goals of USA '94

Whack! Splat! Boom! Nick Moore revels in the finest strikes of USA 94; featuring a mad-dashing Saudi Arabian, El Diego (well, duh) and a Nigerian crawling like a dog...

10. Ion Goikoetxea, Spain vs Germany

The unpronounceable Spanish midfielder had tongues twisting across the globe thanks to this deeply cheeky effort.

Out on the right wing and with a wealth of crossing options at his disposal, Goikoetxea instead opts to swerve in an incredible cross-cum-shot which ends up nestling in the far left-hand corner of the German net. It was a genuine "Did he mean that?" moment – but he claims he did, and for that, we can only salute the man who wisely chose to shorten his surname to ‘Goiko’.