Watch: Roberto Carlos and Paolo Maldini laugh at Rivaldo's rubbish penalty

To celebrate Saudi Arabia's 2018 World Cup qualification, Giggs joined a group of modern football legends consisting of Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Paolo Maldini, Roberto Carlos, Carles Puyol and Luis Figo.

The group have won their fair share of silverware between them, but how would they fare against a robotic goalkeeper in a post-dinner penalty shoot-out?

The emotionless keeper did pretty well, and he had no problem dealing with Rivaldo's spot-kick as the Brazil World Cup winner pathetically blasted his first effort well wide.

The miss delivered a fantastic reaction from his former team-mates Maldini and Carlos, who couldn't stop themselves from laughing.

Rivaldo's shocker is 30 seconds in.

You couldn't really put Rivaldo in front of a tougher crowd, so you have to credit his bravery to take another penalty afterwards. Not that it went a great deal better.


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