Why Inter should sell Ibra – and buy Eto'o

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an Inter player in as so much that up until last week he wore the club shirt and is the holder of a 12 million Euro a year contract bestowed on him by a grateful Massimo Moratti.

Apart from that, the Swede has no qualms about wearing whatever striped shirt is thrown his way – be it black and white, black and blue or red and blue.

He threatened legal action if he wasn't allowed to leave relegated Juventus, and his moody temperament and sultry demeanour will not be missed if he packs up and runs off to Barcelona.

NEWS: Ibrahimovic open to offers from Barcelona

The loss of Ricky Kaka would certainly be a major blow to Serie A’s prestige and morale, but the sulky Swede has never won over the Italian football public.

"Bye. Love you this much"  

Yes, he finished top goalscorer in the league this season and at times produced some sublime moments of skill – but you would be hard-pressed to remember him producing the goods against either Juventus or Milan.

If you need inspiration in key moments then Ibra is not your man – and of course he has been missing in action when it really matters... the Champions League.

Better then for Moratti to swap one mega-contract for another and get his hands on a proven European performer in Samuel Eto’o.

The Cameroonian is only a year older than his Inter counterpart, can score as many (if not more) astounding goals, has greater pace and seems on the whole to be more of a team player.

Ibra definitely wants to leave Italy, egged on by his agent Mino Raiola who has been letting everyone know how much his client would love to play for Barça.

It seems that Eto’o is equally keen on remaining with the Catalans but a 15m Euro signing-on fee and 12m Euro salary – the same as Ibra's current wedge – should soften the blow.

You have to say that in these crazy times it would be excellent value for money.

"Hello everybody!" 

The real benefit comes on the pitch, where Eto’o’s versatility would enable Jose Mourinho to employ his favoured 4-3-3 – a formation aborted early in the season when the Portuguese noted Ibra’s unwillingness to sacrifice himself more often for the greater cause.

With the more free-moving Diego Milito arriving from Genoa on the back of a 24-goal season to augment the emergent talents of Mario Balotelli, Eto’o would be the perfect spearhead to the attack.

With that trio up-front, Inter’s strikeforce would be not only the most in Italy, but also one that would be very pleasing to the eye.

Bringing Eto’o to Serie A would definitely put a smile back on the face of Italian football – while finally getting rid of one unloved long mug. 


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