Will the World Cup end memorably?

By the time your head hits the pillow on Sunday evening, it will all be over for another four years.

It'll be a great night for the fans of the winning team, of course, but the rest of us may be left questioning whether there was really anything that memorable to take from this fairly average World Cup?

Are we victims of over hyping this World Cup, or are we spoilt by the football we see in the Champions League?

England buckled under the pressure of the expectations of a nation and didn’t provide any memorable moments on the field. Off the field however, there were plenty of talking points. John Terry made sure he remained the centre of attention, the Spurs boys smoked their victory cigars earlier than they expected and Fabio saw something in Heskey millions of others couldn’t.

But where are other moments that make 2010 stand out? Where was the Brazilian team that would score a goal we'd still be talking about 40 years later? In fact where have all the great goals gone, picking the goal of the tournament will probably be a straight coin toss between Carlos Tevez (against Mexico) and Gio Van Bronkhorst (against Uruguay) at this rate.

There hasn't been a team that will come out and be referred to as the team of 2010, like Brazil 1970, Argentina 1986 and so on. Germany were clinical against England and Argentina, but were shocking in their defeat to Serbia. Holland have looked good in parts in each of their games but we've yet to see the Total Football we saw from Cruyff's Amber Army back in 78. Spain look to have the best collection of players but we haven't seen the flair we were all hoping for from Xavi and co, they’ve only scored six goals, with David Villa bagging five of them himself.

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What has been the best game of the tournament so far? It's hard to pick one (maybe not if you’re German). Probably Italy v Slovakia and, without patronising Slovakia too much, the main reason we enjoyed it so much is because it sealed the fate of this aging Italian side.

What about "The Big Five", Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo, Torres and Kaka? One goal between them means we'll never refer to this as Messi's World Cup. Wesley Sneijder has a had a great season and deserves to be spoken amongst those other names and it's all the more sweeter that he isn’t one of the marquee players we were expecting so much from.

Also, while I’m in full flow, where are all the celebrations we’d like to watch back again and again on YouTube or Christmas stocking filling DVDs? Other than the South African dance routine which followed the tournament’s opening goal, I don’t remember any.

So as this World Cup passes as somewhat of an anti climax, the things we will be talking about will be; how much we hate Vuvezlas, why didn’t they just use a ball with black and white panels and whether Sepp Blatter will get goal line technology back on the agenda at his next FIFA love-in?

Although, saying that, there has been one brilliant moment of this World Cup - seeing France screw it up royally. Merci beaucoup Raymond!

What are your memories from South Africa 2010?

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