World Cup Breakfast: Day 7

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Sausage butties are all well and good but do they make you chuckle or tell you something you don't know? Our World Cup Breakfast newsletter, delivered daily at 7.30am, will give you food for thought.

In this morning's edition: 

* Don't panic! The last World Cup that started this badly ended up the best one ever
* Why 60% of Argentines wanted to drop Messi
* The least suitable nickname at the World Cup
* Come in No.13, your time is up
* Day 6 round-up
* The Knitted Fan
* Win a wardrobe (sort of)
* Why France are the new Holland, and not in a good way
* Gazza on Italia 90, his favourite player & drinking with Robbo

Plus a daily competition, Draw Specialist, One To Watch and WAG.

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