Emmanuel Adebayor Man City Arsenal
13 December 2019
Featuring a Slovakian forward's only Manchester City goal. Good luck with that...
12 December 2019
​Only 18 teams have been in the title race 16 games into a season since 1992. But they’re not all obvious...
Real Madrid
11 December 2019
If you counted every major European game as a league rather than a cup, this is what it would look like
10 December 2019
​Only 16 will progress through this week – but there are 32 who have been in this season’s tournament
9 December 2019
With Manchester City losing this weekend, it appears only Leicester can possibly catch Liverpool and stop them winning a first league in 30 years. So who did they beat that season?
Wayne Rooney
6 December 2019
Each of these men have made their mark on the Manchester derby since the year 2003, from the 11-goal leader to several one-strike wonders
Jurgen Klopp
5 December 2019
As Jurgen Klopp joins the Hundred Club, we look at everyone to have battled their way to at least a half century of Premier League wins. You just need to name them...
John Terry
4 December 2019
The former Chelsea captain returns to Stamford Bridge tonight as Aston Villa's assistant head coach, so we look back on the good, great and sacked-for-using-cocaine team-mates of his time in west London
Ballon d'Or
3 December 2019
As Lionel Messi sets a new record for Ballon d'Ors, we test you on every player to win it in the last quarter of a century
Unai Emery
2 December 2019
As Arsenal and Watford see managers depart, we're looking for the last 50 full-time Premier League bosses and the clubs they’ve steered to failure or glory. Mainly failure...


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