1 December 2005
"I don't have any wingers in my side, which is why I have such attacking full-backs..."
1 November 2005
"I was the red sheep of the family"
1 October 2005
The Liverpool legend selects his dream line-up for FourFourTwo in October 2005. Sorry Thierry, it's the bench for you... 
1 February 2005
"If I hadn't been a footballer, I might have been a computer programmer"
1 August 2003
"If Glenn Hoddle had been French, Spanish or Italian he would have been held in higher regard"
1 August 2003
"I'm insulted by this question – after what I did for Manchester United I should be able to do what I like"
12 April 2003
"I threw a gun at you once and cut your eye, do you remember?" "Er, no"
21 September 2002
"I had a stalker when I first got into the team. I was in good company, actually – she stalked Ayrton Senna and Michael Jackson as well"
1 November 2001
"I have never looked at another player and felt inferior"
16 August 2001
"Robbie Keane and I would watch So Graham Norton, then cuddle up together and fall asleep"


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