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Icardi defends Gagliardini over Juventus visit

Inter captain Mauro Icardi has defended Roberto Gagliardini in the wake of criticism after the midfielder was spotted at the Juventus' 3-0 Champions League win over Barcelona on Tuesday.

Gagliardini attended the first leg of the quarter-final tie together with a number of former Atalanta team-mates and Inter fans reacted angrily to his decision to watch the Nerazzurri's rivals live in action.

Icardi has downplayed the significance of the incident, though, and is adamant Gagliardini did not do anything wrong.

"Roberto just went to watch a Champions League quarter-final," Icardi said at a news conference when asked about the incident.

"It is not every day you get to see Barcelona and he went there with some of his friends.

"The fans are angry after last week's defeat against Crotone and I get that, but I can understand Roberto's decision to go to watch the game. All he has done is watch a big game."