Interact with 2011 FA Cup Final programme

Anyone buying the Haymarket Network-produced Official Matchday Programme for the 2011 FA Cup Final who owns a smartphone will be able to access to a range of FATV videos via five QR codes printed on specific pages in the programme that will take the user through to relevant FATV videos.

The QR codes are generated by software developed in-house by Haymarket Network, which also gives The Football Association access to a range of analytics. The system gives the client complete control of the QR code which allows them to direct the code at any destination at any time and also produces a partner url shortener for the code.

The Official Matchday Programme should be an essential part of the matchday experience, but Haymarket wanted to explore how they could extend the enjoyment of the match for the fans beyond the actual playing time, exceeding expectations and shifting the way fans consume content across multiple platforms.

Knowledge that The FA has a significant library of video assets through the FATV department sparked a conversation with the FA that put them in touch with FA Cup marketing manager Victoria Wing and FATV producer Joe Worsley.

Haymarket worked closely with the FATV Production team to identify existing and create bespoke video content to dovetail in with the programme’s editorial offering. This includes the Manchester City and Stoke City tunnel cams from the semi-finals, match highlights which go live three hours after kick-off, highlights of this year’s Road to Wembley, as well as classic FA Cup goals.

The end result is a programme that delivers a cross platform experience that is richer and deeper than any experienced by fans at the event before and makes buying the programme even more essential than ever, delivering added value to The FA and a platform for them to show some amazing content.

"The QR codes allow us to deliver greater value for supporters before, during and after the game," says FA Cup Final Programme Editor Nick Judd.

"The tunnel cam videos in particular allow fans to get closer to their players than ever before, even sharing their experience, while those wanting to watch the highlights won’t have to wait until they get home. All the QR codes used help bring the programme to life and enhance the matchday experience."

The programme is available as usual from Wembley on matchday, Saturday May 14. It is also being sold online within the UK. In addition it can be bought from retailers in the Stoke and Manchester areas as well as on route to Wembley from Thursday May 12. It will also be available as a digital edition from Zinio newsstand on matchday morning.