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Nationwide search for stolen mascots

Manchester United’s Fred the Red, Chelsea’s Stamford the Lion and Newcastle’s Monty the Magpie have not been seen or heard since the October 5.

Eye-witnesses have linked all three disappearances to suspects wearing green tracksuits and masks driving a white transit van. The only clue to their return is an online ransom note at

Monty the Magpie was last seen wearing the Toon’s ‘black and white’ home kit at a bus stop chasing something shiny when he was bundled into a white van.  

According to Newcastle defender, Steven Taylor: "Magpies fans we need your help - Monty the Magpie has been stolen and is being held to ransom. We can't play without him!"

Fred the Red was last seen leaving a Fish & Chips shop when he was abducted and dragged into a white transit van.  The van was later found abandoned at the end of a road.

Stamford the Lion was last seen outside Stamford Bridge signing autographs with fans. He is approximately 6’5”, with a long tail and cat like features with a large mane. He was last seen wearing the Chelsea home kit.