Why a team in Spain were forced to wear T-shirts with handwritten numbers

Spanish club Cacereno were forced wear plain white T-shirts featuring home-made numbers at the weekend.

Cacereno, who are in the Tercera Division Group 14, were taking on Jerez away in Saturday’s clash.

Hosts Jerez were wearing their green-and-black striped shirt for the league game, with Cacereno bringing their black away strip.

However, referee Gonzalez Umbert thought it to be too much of a kit clash so ordered them to change.

Of course, Cacereno’s home strip was... er, green. So they needed to come up with an alternative. When the two sides reappeared on the pitch, the visitors were all wearing plain white T-shirts, with their squad numbers scrawled onto their backs in ink.

Despite all the hassle, Cacereno went on to win their fourth game in a row, defeating Jerez 3-1 at the Estadio Manuel Calzado Galvan.

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