Master technique: combination plays

Pass and move, move and pass. This drill from Coerver Coaching will help you execute a one-two under pressure

Teams have tried to corner the Kings of Possession football and snare them in a trap, but no matter how big the net is, Barcelona manage to wriggle out of trouble,

There's no better team at exchanging, short, quick, incisive passes in a small space. One-two here, one-two there, it's like watching an illusionist escape a straight jacket.

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Imagine bringing that passing game to your mid-week 5-a-side or Sunday League showdowns?

Imagine no more. Thanks to FourFourTwo Performance and Coerver Coaching, you can include this drill in your training sessions and bring a touch of Catalonia to your game.

For more technical advice visit Coerver Coaching on YouTube and facebook. For more drills and games from Alf Galustian visit Soccer Session Planner.

Stoke City under-15s demonstrated the drills.

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