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Speed up your attack

The 5-a-side game is end-to-end. Like a basketball match, the action swings from one goalmouth to the other.

Counter-attack with speed and precision and you’ll find yourself celebrating more victories, than dissecting defeats.

Getting the ball forward quickly isn’t just about fizzing it into feet, it’s how the receiver controls the pass and moves it on.

Taking the ball on the back foot, half on the turn, is like pressing the fast forward button. You’re already a step ahead of the defender, already in a position to see what options are further up the field, already shaped to deliver a forward pass to a team-mate in an advanced position.

With our help you can master this skill and catch the opposition cold.

Mitre Star is an online hub designed to improve your 5-a-side game. It has expert tips and useful advice to help you and your team in 4 key areas: tactics, technique, fitness and nutrition.For more tips and advice see #mitrestar, @mitresports, and

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