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Andy Cole: Mindset of a winner

“I play for a successful amateur team who win everything every season. I like winning, but I’m starting to lose motivation. How did you stay hungry for success at Manchester United?”

Christos Liasades, via Facebook

Andy Cole says:

“When we won something, Sir Alex Ferguson made sure it was quickly forgotten about. You had to do it again the year after.


That’s the only way to go about it, otherwise you get people thinking that what they did last season was fantastic and you never move on.


The manager wouldn’t have any slackers. If your form was dropping off a little bit, he’d soon bring somebody else in. He kept you on your toes because you knew that every summer he would sign one or two players to improve the team.


We drove each other on as players, too. Roy Keane is mentioned a lot, but everyone wanted the best from each other.


It was never difficult to maintain focus and drive. What do you want to do in football? You want to win things. I just wanted to win.”

Andy Cole is an ambassador for Manchester United

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