Get fit with Aaron Ramsey

Left it late to shape up for the new season? Allow Arsenal’s midfield dynamo to whip you into shape before 
the big kick-off

18 seconds to make a difference

“If I’m performing 300 actions in a match, that’s one every 18 seconds.  Small-sided games – 4 v 4, 5 v 5, 
6 v 6 – are a great, fun way to do 
lots of them in little time.”

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Break down your game

“I think of my game as 5,400 seconds, and in that time I’ll have 300 high-intensity actions such as accelerating, decelerating or sprinting, with or without the ball.”

Dribble your way to success

“Challenge yourself to dribble 20 yards with minimal touches – then sprint the same distance without the ball. Start with three sets of six reps, with 10 seconds’ recovery in between reps. After one set, reduce the distance to 15 yards, then to 10 after the second. Recover for 3-5 minutes after each set.”  

Get faster
“Mark out 20 yards and sprint from one end to the other as fast 
as you can. I can do it in roughly three seconds. Repeat this sprint every 15-20 seconds, depending 
on how fit you are.”

Recover right
“Carbohydrates are vital to refuelling
 the muscles, and protein is important 
for repair. Straight after training
or a match, rehydrate and start 
the recovery process with a yoghurt-based berry smoothie 
or banana milkshake.” 

Tuck in

“If I’m doing a heavy training session I’ll eat Cajun chicken, quinoa and mixed salad, two to three hours before the workout. If I’m preparing for a light session I’ll have a smoked salmon and avocado wrap, one to two hours before it. The first provides more slow-releasing carbs for fuel; the wrap gives me quicker energy and is easily digested.”

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