How to score one-on-ones

Former Arsenal striker Alan Smith tells you how to score one-on-ones

The one-on-one is the true test of a striker's nerve and finishing ability. Acres of space and an eternity of time evaporate in seconds as the goalkeeper and his defenders desperately scramble to man barricades.

Panic and the ball will end up in the stands, dwell and expect to get smothered in a sand storm of tackles.

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"First of all, you need to make your mind up what you're going to do with it and stay calm," advises Alan Smith, scorer of 115 goals in the red and white of Arsenal.

Despite being pigeonholed as a typical English centre-forward because of his targetman physique the former Gunners number nine was a cool, intelligent finisher.

In this video Smith talks you through his technique for winning your duel with the goalkeeper.

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