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Make the difference with Premier League fitness

“I’m always out of steam after playing for an hour. How can I improve my fitness levels until the final whistle?”
Russell Stewart, via email

Ashley Young says:

“Being able to run for 90 minutes isn’t all about physical fitness. It’s also about being clever. It’s no good running around like a headless chicken; it’s about knowing when to hold and when to go.
There are times in a game when things are not going so well or you’ve run so much that you’re waiting for the final whistle.

So, after you’ve made a sprint for the ball, take the opportunity to have a breather and mentally prepare for the next passage of play.

Then there are times in a game where you can find yourself in a bit of space just by standing still.

Having excellent fitness levels is vitally important. You’ve got to make sure you work hard during the week so that you’re fully prepared for the game at the weekend.

Recovery is key. You want to push yourself in training during the week, but ease off the closer you get to the game so that your body is ready.

Recharging your batteries can make you feel energised on a matchday and helps reduce the risk of injury.

Knowing you’ve done everything right during the week – training and resting – makes you feel confident.

When you’re fitter than the opposition and you can see their players are feeling tired, keep going! It’s demoralising for them and gives you a boost.

Lasting 90 minutes and beyond can be the difference between winning and losing. Games are often won in added time.

You can score in any second and concede in any second and when you’re tired, you switch off. You have to be focused from start to finish.”

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