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Tried and tested: VIPR training

What is it?

Vipr stands for vitality performance reconditioning. In layman’s terms that means full body movement with load. The training tool was inspired by farm children who move with weight when carrying out daily tasks.


How does it work?

The user holds two handles, shoulder width apart and carries out a range of exercises based on their training goals. Moving in different directions with a load develops agility and strength, which transfers to the demands of multiple sports.

Who uses it?

Premier League teams, NBA sides, Olympic athletes, boxers -including world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua – and many other sports use Vipr weights. They’re also available in most regular gyms.


Why are they using it?

Many team and individual sports require athletes to move in different directions at speed and have sufficient strength to hold off opponents. This tool develops these attributes and also provides a good cardio workout.  


How much does it cost?

£150 doesn’t sound cheap, but given that all you need is one piece of kit and a suitable space to do a full body workout, a Vipr could be a worthy investment. If you don’t fancy shelling out, you can use them at any Virgin Active gym in the UK. 

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