29 January 2018
These lads wear out the arms of assistant referees like nobody else – including one player with an incredible 300+ offsides...
25 January 2018
Each of these footballers have played Premier League football this season AND been part of a World Cup squad for their national team. Talk about having it all...
24 January 2018
The last decade-and-a-half has seen Gunners and Blues clash regularly – but can you name the men who’ve decided the matches?
23 January 2018
A host of Belgian talent now calls England’s top flight home – including the nation’s all-time top-scorer and their record appearance-maker
22 January 2018
From the all-time leader on 814 to a pair of newcomers who’ve just hit 100 matches – how many can you recall?
19 January 2018
This might sound easy – but it isn’t. It’s the last 50 full-time Premier League bosses and the clubs they’ve steered to failure or glory. Mainly failure...
18 January 2018
The league leaders in nodding in, including the all-time king with 52 headed goals and counting
Alan Shearer
17 January 2018
Stars for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle and – of course – Blackburn Rovers who lit up the Premier League in the 1990s. How many can you recall?
16 January 2018
From the Monkey Hangers to the Flying Donkeys via the Jam Tarts, it’s the amazing world of club nicknames. How many do you know?
15 January 2018
The club stalwarts who’ve clocked up the years and are still going strong right now. Name these hardened troopers!


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