Sociable Soccer 24 review: Sensible Soccer made for a new generation of football fans

Sociable Soccer 24 is now available on Nintendo Switch with Xbox and PlayStation releases to follow. From the creator of Sensible Soccer, can this arcade football title recreate the magic of its spiritual predecessor?

Sociable Soccer 24'
(Image: © Tower Studios)

FourFourTwo Verdict

A fun arcade football game that reminds us of everything we loved about the genre growing up. Lots of love has been put into Sociable Soccer 24 and it shows, but a lack of content variety and no multiplayer on console at launch means it might not have that much longevity.


  • +

    13,000 FIFPRO licenced players

  • +

    Very fun gameplay

  • +

    Local multiplayer is a blast

  • +

    No microtransactions


  • -

    Online multiplayer is lacking or nonexistent (depending on version)

  • -

    No official team names

  • -

    A good time but not a long time.

The world of football video games has been dominated over the years by EA’s FIFA (now EA Sports FC) behemoth. Many have made attempts to capture a piece of the football video game pie, but in recent years the quality products available to football fans have been light, to say the least. What if you don’t enjoy EA FC and want a more casual experience? Well, Sociable Soccer 24 is here and it wants a space in your hard drive’s starting lineup.

Remember Sensible World of Soccer? It was one of the Amiga’s best video games in the 90s and a cult classic for lots of football fans growing up watching Football Italia on Channel 4. Now the creator of the original game, Jon Hare, is back with Sociable Soccer and the once-Steam exclusive is now available on Nintendo Switch and coming later this year to Xbox and Playstation. But is it any good? Or should you stick to EA’s video game Goliath?

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John-Anthony Disotto

John-Anthony is most known for his tech journalism with words found in outlets such as iMore and TechRadar. He’s also a massive football fan who spends his time in perpetual hope of Scotland one day getting out of the group stage. Luckily he’s also half Italian so gets to enjoy some good old-fashioned Catenaccio whenever Scotland miss the mark. 

John-Anthony is a huge fan of football video games and has been playing ever since the late 90s. Whether it’s playing retro games like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA Street to Ultimate Team in EA FC, he’s always got a controller in his hands.