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Twenty years of the Premier League

The Premier League is fast approaching the climax to its 20th season. Two decades is a long time in football: long enough for stories to grow into legends, long enough for babies to grow into full international players, and certainly long enough to deserve a retrospective what-was-all-that-about look back from FourFourTwo.

So all this week we'll be looking back at the last 20 years of top-flight football â a fascinating time of massive changes, for better or worse, in the game we love. It won't be a whitewashed love-in, but nor will it be a week-long grumble-fest about how things were better in the olden days when you could always expect a dart in the head at your local league ground.

There'll be some of the finest features from the history of FourFourTwo â itself nearing 18 years old â and some new thoughts from our staff members and freelance writers alike: you'll be hearing from Jonathan Wilson and David Conn, among others. We'll examine the effect of Sky, and Roman Abramovich and the rise of foreign ownership, but it won't all be bad news: our writers will be nominating their favourite Premier League players and explaining their choices. Feel free to bicker.

On Friday, in a move designed to infuriate bosses everywhere, we'll reveal the Top 100 Premier League Games. (Yes, that one's in there. No, not that one, it was rubbish.) 

And we'll be asking for your opinion. Toward the end of the week we'll be naming two Premier-era Perfect XIs: one of UK players, one of foreigners. Tell us on Twitter and Facebook who you'd pick; you never know, we might even agreeâ¦

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