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Conte's passion causes a few home discomforts

Antonio Conte has kept the tension high in Chelsea's pursuit of the Premier League title but, inadvertently, that has seemingly spilled over into his home life with his wife.

The Italian boss has enjoyed a superb first season in England and the Blues are top of the table by nine points with 14 matches remaining.

Having beaten Arsenal last time out, Conte allowed his players an extra day off before ensuring the focus was quickly back on a tricky trip to Burnley and their relentless march to the title.

"I like to keep always the right tension in my players," Conte said. "After a good win, you can be relaxed and I try to avoid this.

"I work together with my players sometimes to find a solution to increase the tension before a game, during the training session. This is a part of improving the winning mentality.

"I find different ways. Sometimes a good way. Sometimes a bad way. My experience as a footballer is very important to feel the moment. To feel the changing room. 

"There is great concentration. If I feel relaxation, then I try to find the right solution.

"When I was a footballer, it was very important to hear my coach warn me. It's important to be ready to fight. If we are a bit relaxed, then we will lose."

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Things on the pitch may be going swimmingly, but Conte admitted that his decision to jet back to Italy to watch former club Juventus face Inter last weekend did not sit well at home.

"Honestly, my wife when I told her I'm going to watch Juventus and Inter she wasn't happy," he added. 

"She told me 'why? Stay with your daughter and your wife'. Sometimes, it's not easy to explain to my wife my choice when I have a day off, to watch a game for example.

"On Sunday all day I watched the games on TV, the English games, City and United and then the Italian games. But my passion for the football is great."