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Ibrahimmovic: Critics will remember me for the rest of their lives

Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has taken aim at his critics, suggesting he does not even know some of the ex-players who questioned him and adding that those who had their doubts will never forget him.

There were question marks as to whether the 35-year-old still had what it takes to make an impact in the Premier League following his move from Paris Saint-Germain to Old Trafford, but Ibrahimovic has quickly proved his worth with 13 goals in 19 league outings.

"I have no problem [with the criticism] because I went through this my whole career, this is something that triggers me, gives me energy," Ibrahimovic told Sky Sports.

"People talking about me, saying: 'You are dead, you are this, that', ex-players talking, and I do not even remember them when they were playing. But one thing for sure is they will remember me for the rest of their lives.

"After many years of talks like: 'He can never make it in the Premier League, he can never make it there', I had my little adventure going around different countries, and when they felt it was most difficult for me, I chose to come."

The former Sweden international had plenty of options after making the decision to leave PSG, but he deliberately opted for United because he prefers to do things the hard way.

"Let's say a person in my position would take the easiest way, go abroad, make money in China, or the other side and settle down with the career he had," he striker added.

"I choose not, I took the challenge, accepted the challenge, and that is what I chose. That is why I chose United also, in a situation where they struggled for the last four or five years, and if I can finish the task to bring them to the top, I will be more than happy.

"I do not like the easy task, the easy job, the easy objectives, I always had it hard whenever I went. I needed to do much more than the other ones, and that is how I see it here. At the age of 35, people said it would be impossible but I am doing what I am able to do."