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It seems Kim Jong-un is a big fan of Serie A

Han has made a great impact on the itchy-fingered Supreme Leader after bursting onto the scene for Cagliari this season. According to Italian senator Antonio Razzi, his influence has made Jong-un a follower of Serie A in general.

Han, an 18-year-old forward, became the first North Korean player to score in the Italian top flight when he struck against Palermo on April 9.

Razzi claims he spotted numerous Juventus fans on a recent trip to North Korea, and believes there is a real taste for Italian football there.

"If Juventus were playing in Pyongyang Stadium, which is huge, it would fill up,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He [Jong-Un] knows all about Serie A and NBA basketball.”

That much is certainly true – former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman has befriended Jong-un and previously referred to him as an "awesome guy". Right. 

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