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Lotito wants improvement in Lazio fan relations

Several of Lazio's home fixtures last season were played in front of small crowds as fans protested Lotito's ownership.

However, businessman is hopeful of mending relations with fans and claims the stadium protests were "pointless".

"I hope that with the new season the misunderstandings from the past can be resolved," Lotito told La Repubblica.

"Leaving the stadium empty is a pointless protest. Football needs rules, transparency and order. It can't compromise on that.

"In any case, let's not forget that Lazio needs everyone in order to keep going – its accounts in order, the project and its supporters.

"In 2004 I saved Lazio from folding, you can't deny that fact.

"To resolve the difficult financial situation Lazio were in I initiated a process of reorganisation, which has now brought us back to having balanced the books.

"My major regret is to have not managed to build a solid and close relationship with a part of the Biancocelesti (Lazio) fan base. It's probably the most radical and close-knit part."

Lazio finished ninth in the Serie A last season.