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Master technique: 1 v 1 and finishing

It's one thing having all the tricks in your locker, but it's quite another using them effectively and at the right time.

What sets apart the likes of Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo is as much their knack for making the right choices as their immense talent.

With this straight forward exercise from Coerver Coaching, players can focus on improving their ability to change direction as well as their decision making.  

"This is a full pressure drill," says Alfred Galustian, Head coach at Coerver. "That means that defenders are trying to win the ball  - 100% challenges."

"Here, we are trying to improve the players decision making. Now, we are teaching them how to use their change of direction, but the critical question is when and where."

For more technical advice visit Coerver Coaching on YouTube. For more drills and games from Alf Galustian visit Soccer Session Planner.

Stoke City under-15s demonstrated the drills.

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