How to scout the opposition

Gather information about the enemy's tactics with these tips from Ian Atkins, Everton’s chief European scout

1 Look at how they play

“The most important thing is to look at the shape and tactics of the opposition before the individuals. Do they like to play from the back or do they play more directly, looking to hit the channels early?” 

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2 Keep it simple

“You don’t need a book or a sermon. You want key points – strengths and weaknesses in both defence and attack. That way you can put it across to your players in a way that they can understand and implement.”


3 Don’t forget the dead-balls

“If they’ve got someone who is really good at whipping in free-kicks, tell your full-backs and defending midfielders to stay on their feet around your own penalty area. If he’s equally good at taking corners, try to give away throw-ins instead where possible.”

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