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Dexter Blackstock: Fit in at a new club

“I keep moving from team to team because I find it hard to fit in. How do you integrate yourself with the lads and the gaffer?”
David Parsons, via email

Dexter Blackstock says:

“During the early part of my career I went out on loan a few times, so I know what it’s like trying to fit in with a new group.

When you first go into the dressing room you have to expect banter – it’s important for morale. You’ve got to feel your way in.

At Southampton we played a game against the coaching staff; a youth team player nutmegged Gordon Strachan and called it.

Strachan stopped the session and said: ‘Don’t you ever call megs on me again. What have you ever done in the game?’ He never played again.

Obviously you want to impress the boss, but you don’t want to be the teacher’s pet either.

Just show him you can listen and carry out instructions. Remember, you don’t need to prove yourself because if he didn’t think you were a good player, you wouldn’t be there.”

Dexter Blackstock was meeting fans and children on the Topps Match Attax Tour. See

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