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Get the best out of training

The daily grind of training can be draining for both players and coaches. How do you keep it fresh and innovative? It's not easy, but with the managerial merry-go-round in constant swing, ideas are never at a standstill.

Fulham's assistant coach Scott Miller has worked under the likes of Roy Hodgson, Mark Hughes and Martin Jol during his time at Craven Cottage.

Find out how he adapts to new regimes, which training methods he prefers and who of the three is his favourite to work under in this video.

Scott Miller was talking at the Science + Football Conference. For more information visit

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"First of all, if you love football you want to get on the training field and feel the ball, score goals, link up and play.

For me football has always got to be about possession-based, small-sided games. There's got to be an intensity to it and there's got to be quality to it as well.

In terms of work ethic and standards that is the hardest bit - getting the best out of the players daily.

Our philosophy has to be the manager's first and foremost. I've worked with three or four managers and it has changed. One was very technically astute and he is the England manager now, so his sessions were completely different to Mark Hughes and Martin Jol.

Jol wants small-sided [games], he wants players one v one, two v two and he wants quick and dynamic players. Maybe it's because it's the most recent [regime] but I find myself more in line with that."