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The Performance Challenge: Birmingham City

Shooting accurately into the two mini-goals is arguably the hardest part of the Performance Challenge, but midfielder Bez Lubala does it with ease. Shame about his finishing into the main goal.

Striker Khaellem Bailey-Nicholls is next up and he raises the bar with an impressive four goals out of six. Left-footed defender Matthew Timms finds the net with a selection of tidy finishes, before Nosa Iyamu displays nice footwork, only to be undone by his spendthrift finishing. 

Did striker Jack Storer show them all how it’s done before the final whistle blew on Birmingham City’s Performance Challenge? Hit play and find out.

Can you beat their scores? Watch the set-up here or download and print out a copy of the drill using the link at the top of the page, take the challenge and share your efforts on Twitter with #PerformanceChallenge for @FFTPerformance and @CoachEduRubio to check out!

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