Ange: Germany test first step towards World Cup

Australia coach Ange Postecoglou says the Socceroos are determined not to rest on their laurels and have moved on from their history-making Asian Cup triumph.

Speaking a day before the green and gold take to the field against Germany, the coach’s eyes are fixed on the path to the 2018 World Cup.

“We were extremely pleased with the way the Asian Cup went,” Postecoglou said.

“I thought our performances were pretty consistent throughout it. But you move on pretty quickly in football. All the boys have been back at their clubs and getting stuck into their club football.

“We know there’s World Cup qualification on the horizon and this is a great fixture for us to really measure ourselves. You feel good about what’s happened but I think for the most part we’ve moved on.

“It was quite significant winning a major tournament. Doing it on home soil gives you that extra feel and buy-in from the people.”

Postecoglou wants the Socceroos to build on the success at the 2015 Asian Cup in January and keep developing.

“It’s about continually looking for improvement,” he admitted.

“In isolation, what we achieved is great, but if you don’t build on it you miss an opportunity. We’ve had great moments in our football history before, so we’ve capitalized on, some we haven’t. So it’s up to us to continually strive to be better.”

Australia has a tremendous task in front of it against the 2014 World Cup champions away from home.

“We’ve got an enormous amount of respect for the German national team,” Postecoglou said.

“They’ve stuck to a plan for a number of years now for what they needed to do to get success, and they got it.

“They’re the kind of things you look for and admire in people when they stick to a plan and get success. It’s going to be a tough game for us tomorrow.

“We expect a tough game against a very proud nation. This is exactly the kind of game we need to keep pushing on and keep improving.”

Postecoglou said the Socceroos haven’t prepared any different for this fixture than they would for any other.

“We’ve prepared like we have for every game,” he said.

“From our perspective it’s about as much what we do than how we try and stop them because… We can play a game like this and maybe scratch out a result, or something that somebody deems respectable, but you’ll have no real test of yourselves.

“What we’ll do tomorrow night is really test ourselves.”