Donikian: 'Souths doco claims were a misunderstanding'

Veteran TV newsman George Donikian has admitted he got it wrong in a row that erupted over comments about documentaries on South Melbourne FC.

In a story yesterday, Donikian claimed South Melbourne told a Melbourne newspaper that SMFC had commissioned the Fox Sports feature about the club in the Fields To Dream series, produced by his TV company Three Nerds.

The club last night reacted furiously to the comment and said they were talking about their own documentary on the club’s history, not Donikian’s.

“We can categorically state that no SMFC official ever claimed that George's documentary ‘Fields To Dream’ was orchestrated or facilitated by us,” said South Melbourne’s George Kouroumalis.

“Having been in the room for the meeting with the Herald Sun, we can state that we mentioned our own documentary.

“This documentary has been 18 months in progress and is being produced by Paul Zarogiannis, who also produces all of our video content.

“The quote by Mr Donikian is misleading, false and pretty offensive to be honest.”

Donikian today said he had spoken to South Melbourne President Leo Athanasakis about the confusion and admitted it was a misunderstanding.

“President Leo Athanasakis has clarified his comments,” said Donikian today. 

“Leo says that Paul Zarogiannis and John Kyrou are making a documentary for South Melbourne and they weren’t referring to the Fields to Dream documentary.

“That being the case I then need to change my assertion which is wrong and a misunderstanding.”

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