FFA force Ange into pay row U-Turn

The FFA have apparently forced Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou into a humiliating U-turn after speaking out over the pay row rocking his World Cup qualifier campaign... 

Postecoglou spoke out in Perth where Australia play Bangladesh at nib Stadium tomorrow night in their latest 2018 World Cup qualifier.

 But preparations have been disrupted by the escalating row between the PFA and FFA over Socceroo and Matildas payments and A-League salary cap and player work conditions.
On Monday, the PFA said players would carry out charity, media and community events while in Perth, but were boycotting commercial arrangements on behalf of the FFA.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement, which would normally oblige players to fulfil commercial duties, has expired and is the subject of the current negotiations.
Postecoglou - who led Australia to Asian Cup glory in January - used his position to take an independent overview and said both sides shouldn't wage their war during his international match window.
"I'm not happy it's getting played out in Socceroo camp," Postecoglou said yesterday. "I don't have the players often and when I have them, that time's precious. I don't want any minute wasted.
"The fact that both sides think the best time to play it out is in the middle of a Socceroos camp is not good enough.
"If we think it's OK during the World Cup qualifiers to play out this scenario then I'm out of whack with everyone else because I think while the camp is on .. lay down your guns and pick them up as soon as it's over, and go as hard as you want.
"I am not going to pass judgement on who is right or who is wrong. It's not my position. But the fact that people think it's okay....both parties... It's about saying how important is the national team for us. Where do you place that in the hierarchy of priorities in our football world?"
Overnight though, it appears FFA bosses have reacted furiously to the coach's comments and insisted he retract them and support the FFA.
A media statement sent out this morning quoted Postecoglou as backing the FFA against the PFA who represent the players he'll be sending out to play tomorrow night.
“As a senior employee of Football Federation Australia I understand that my comments were inappropriate,” Postecoglou is quoted saying in the statement.
“I appreciate that I need to take sides on this issue. The commercial performance of the Socceroos brand directly affects the amount of investment in the match schedule, technical developments and sports science staff.
“In this case, the commercial boycotts imposed by Professional Footballers Australia will directly affect commercial partners and will inevitably hurt the Socceroos program.
“I made comments yesterday out of frustration. I acknowledge that the PFA initiated the regrettable situation that has distracted us in Perth. I understand that FFA was compelled to respond in order to explain its position to the game's stakeholders.
“I call on the PFA to undertake that no future Socceroo camp will be targeted in this way.”
This morning PFA boss Adam Vivian gave his backing to the Socceroos coach.
He added: "“The PFA has the utmost respect for the National Team Coach.
"The players continue to be committed to reaching an agreement in a timely manner. However, they cannot settle for an agreement which fails to respect the contribution the players make to the game nor one that reduces the ability of the code to continue to grow."

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