Glory overhaul: Perth braces for busy transfer window

A big January transfer window and a strategic overhaul are on the horizon for Perth Glory as CEO Peter Filopoulos prepares to revitalise the troubled A-League club.

With a growing injury list, and star striker Andy Keogh waiting in the wings, Glory will be among the big movers next month as the club looks to reshape.

“We’ll be making some more signings in the coming months,” Filopoulos said.

“We’ve made some approaches, had some conversations and we’ll play a role in the upcoming transfer window."

It’s been a baptism of fire for the pragmatic administrator since crossing the Nullarbor, dealing with flagging crowds and poor results amid the fallout of last season’s salary cap scandal.

“We’re consolidating our position, we’re cleaning our decks, we’re rebuilding,” Filopoulos said.

“We’re in the process of developing our new strategy for the next four years that will take us out to 2020 and formulating our vision for the club of where we want to be.

“If we hadn’t gone through that process of pain, and cleaned up our governance processes and how we go about things, we wouldn’t have been able to move forward.”

Filopoulos believes the results of the overhaul are already starting to pay dividends, with player signings just one reflection of how a clear strategic outlook benefits the club.

“By consolidating and cleaning our decks it has enabled us to put together an offer for Andy Keogh, because we understand exactly where we’re at with player payments,” he said.

Under the new administration team Filopoulos, CFO Melissa Chapman and Head of Football Operations Jacob Burns, carefully assess every player transaction the club makes.

It’s all part of an exercise in sustainability for the club, which after losing nine players during the off-season, set about rebuilding the core of its team this season.

“We’ve started that process and it’s quite an exciting time as we’ll be setting out for the next two to three years as to what sort of players we’ll be recruiting,” Filopoulos said.

“We’ve had too many changes year after year, and that’s made it hard to achieve sustainable success.

“We’ve identified players that we want to build a nucleus around and add to it, similar to Melbourne Victory with Ange (Postecoglou) starting a process, and (Kevin) Muscat taking over and adding to it.”

Despite a turbulent first few months in the job however, Filopoulos is keen to see the club achieve great things under his guidance as Glory look to regain its stature in the A-League.

“I didn’t move my family here from Melbourne to not achieve – I want to achieve,” he stressed.

“I want to build something special here at this football club, and I can’t do it on my own, we need to do it together with the fans.”

Filopoulos added: “I’d like to build a resilient support base over here.

“Imagine if we could re-engage the three thousand or so members we’ve lost in the past few years, we’d have nearly 10,000 members.”

Filopoulos rates the home support among the best in the country and wants to attain the clubs goals with them in mind.

“I love the fans here, they’re passionate, they’re educated football fans and I reckon they’re the best fans in Australia,” he said.

“Together, everyone striving in the one direction once we develop this strategy, we’ll be able to achieve great things again.”