History making ex-Hume coach putting family first

FFA Cup history was made without a ball being kicked last week, just six days out from the competition's Round of 32, when two competing managers were both relieved of their duties.

Former Hume City manager Lou Acevski had no idea that the axe was coming and lamented losing the role of head coach at the club.

"I didn’t expect it to end like this... It’s a regretful end," Acevski said.

"I know that’s football. Again I’ll say it – Steve had to make the right decision for himself and the club moving forward and unfortunately when decisions like this have to be made one side might have to lose out.

"I stated to Steve Kaya (Hume City Chairman) yesterday and I’ve stated to everyone regarding this topic – I would have loved to continue for the rest of the year and I would have put my heart and soul into it to try and one, win a championship in the Victorian NPL play offs and two, try and replicate what we did last year in the FFA Cup. But again, football is full of opinions."

"But again my journey there and the ride I’ve had there is phenomenal. From where we came to where we are on the day I left – it’s been a dramatic and massive rise and it puts a smile on my face when I think about all the work we put in."

Acevski however declared he wouldn't have changed the way he approached the matter of not coaching Hume City next year with the club's heirachy - who decided to unceremoniously end his reign at the club - as it didn't fit the reproach that the tactician has become known for.

"People that know me know that I am a very honest person," he said.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve and I always think that I would like everyone to be honest with me even if it is the bad, good or the ugly. I think honesty and the truth is always the best policy. So I could have sat there and listened to Steve and nodded my head agreed and agreed and agreed and the once the season was over and then come out and say “look, I’m not coaching next year”.

"But me knowing and confirming to myself and my family that we would be having a rest next year from coaching – I believe it was the right thing to do for Steve and the club. And that’s just being honest and upfront."

Acevski had flown up to watch prospective opponents Marconi over the weekend as they lost 3-1 and despite the bizarre circumstances of his opposite number being sacked on the same day, couldn't answer as to why Zoran Markovski was relieved of his position, but was sad to see him go.

"Every club has their philosophies and opinions of which way they are going to go forward," he said. 

"Looking at their players and they have a lot of good players in that team. Maybe the club believes they should be higher or they shouldn’t be dropping points against lower teams – I don’t know.

"I couldn’t tell you what the reason was but it’s never good to see a fellow coach get sacked from any club. Because every coach puts in all this effort and tries to succeed but unfortunately that’s sport and football is a prime example of things not working out how you planned at the start of the year." 

The former Hume head coach admitted he'd already been talking to family about what was going to be the next chapter in his career.

"The truth is I have been discussing this with my family, my wife and my kids, throughout the last couple of years," he said.

"And what I mean by discussing is that we always missed out on family holidays and family activities because it is a part time role with full time hours. I’ve always put football in front of everything. People put families first and then work and then a hobby or part time work third."

"I did it the other way around unfortunately. Or fortunately whichever way you want to look at it. Football was coming first, then work second and family third. And that’s just not right."

Additional reporting by Kristian Dwyer.