Lowy: I still have nightmares about 2022 World Cup bid

FFA chairman Frank Lowy has admitted he still has nightmares about the failed 2022 World Cup bid which garnered only one vote.

Speaking to Sky News, Lowy opened up on a range of topics in the wake of Sepp Blatter’s resignation as FIFA president and news that the Australian Federal Police would investigate the FFA’s 2022 World Cup bid amid claims of corruption.

“I'm not the best loser in the world. I have nightmares about all the work we did. And we didn't get anywhere,” Lowy said.

“It’s not usual in my career, although I’ve had some other failures, and I need to get over it and not blame others for it.

“I take the responsibility and I take the blame. I should have known better.”

At the centre of the investigation is a $500,000 donation made to help develop the Centre of Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago.

The payment ended up with disgraced former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner who was among those arrested last month.

“I have not negotiated with him,” he said.

“We were trying to influence the whole world. He was one of those people that we were hoping were going to vote for us.

“But I think there were a lot of other countries that thought so also because he made promises to them. But he made no promise to me.”

Lowy added: “Any inquiry, anybody that is authorised, or has an interest in it, can come and ask any questions and we'll give it to them.”

The FFA chairman also refused to provide an opinion on whether he felt Qatar should be stripped of the 2022 World Cup, but said “the quicker change comes the better” for FIFA.

Lowy also defended the process to find his successor, with the chairman’s term due to end in November and his son Steven among the likely replacements.

“Six months ago we decided to form a nomination committee, I have no part in that,” Lowy said.

“The chairman of the nomination committee is Brian Schwartz and he engaged an independent consultant to advise him and his committee on who would be available and they’re searching.

“If Steven becomes a candidate and if he gets elected, I will have no part in that decision.”