Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC: Player Ratings

FourFourTwo's James Hetherington was on hand to provide his player ratings from Saturday night's Big Blue 3-3 draw between Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC at Etihad Stadium.

Melbourne Victory

Besart Berisha                                             7.0

Some incredible shots from Berisha and a great pass for Thompson’s third. He was offside too often though.

Archie Thompson                                       9.0

What more is there to say? A hat trick for the 36-year-old veteran sums his performance up well.

Ben Khalfallah                                             6.5

Had some decent attempts and linkup play but was very much in the shadow of Thompson and Berisha. His attempt to chip the keeper in the 60th minute was great though.

Kosta Barbarouses                                     7.5

Really kicked into gear during the second half and continued to press. Provided the spark to push Victory forward.

Carl Valeri                                                    6.5

Struggled with his duels but his shot creation was exceptional.

Mark Milligan                                              5.5

Was solid in the midfield but that elbow on Antonis was really bad. High chance he could be suspended.

Dylan Murnane                                            5.5

Apart from a few runs forward, Murnane didn’t make much of an impression.

Leigh Broxham                                            7.0

Did a lot for the Victory both forward and back. Made a huge interception in the 15th minute.

Adrian Leijer                                               6.0

His passing was incredible sitting at 93% accuracy but he struggled with duels winning just one from six.

Jason Geria                                                   6.0

Most defenders suffered today, and while Geria performed ok he still didn’t have enough influence.

Nathan Coe                                                    7.0

Wasn’t really at fault for any of the goals and made a mammoth save in the 89th minute. Saved them from a loss.


Nicholas Ansell                                           N/A

No major influence.                          

Connor Pain                                                 6.5

Created three great chances in just 20 minutes.

Jess Makarounas                                         N/A

No time to influence.

Sydney FC

Marc Janko                                                   8.0

Janko’s first goal was a sublime finish and he linked up well all day with Smeltz.

Shane Smeltz                                                9.0

If not for Thompson, Smeltz would have been the outright best by far. Two great goals and an amazing flick on for Janko. Its tough to pick if he topped Thompson though…

Alex Brosque                                               7.0

Brosque was right there with Janko and Smeltz in Sydney’s brilliance. He pulled most of the strings and created some huge chances.

Milos Dimitrijevic                                      6.5

Managed to track back and cover extremely well. Chimed in with five chances created too.

Terry Antonis                                              6.5

Persevered well after that heavy knock to the head and continued to motor all over the pitch.

Bernie Ibini-Isei                                          6.0

Ibini’s skill was top class but his enthusiasm seemed slightly lacking. Looked a tad lazy moving around the pitch.

Alex Gersbach                                              5.5

Output in the first half was lacking and he struggled to contain Victory’s forward runs. Subbed off in the 57th minute.

Nikola Petkovic                                           6.0

Managed to keep a hold of Berisha but constantly allowed Thompson too much room. Was getting quite heated with Berisha as well.

Sebastian Ryall                                            6.0

Did well to cut out an attack in the 30th minute but never really looked to sturdy.

Predrag Bojic                                               6.5

Going forward saved Bojic as he looked to have a sound understanding with Shane Smeltz. Still, when six goals are scored, no defenders are going to rank that high.

Vedran Janjetovic                                        7.0

Had numerous top quality saves that ultimately earned Sydney a point. He was almost caught out in the 47th minute but did more than enough to make up for it. Nothing he could have done about the goals.


Nick Carle                                                     N/A

Came on and made a rash challenge, that’s about it.

Rhyan Grant                                                 5.5

Once Barbarouses turned the after burners on Grant was always struggling to keep up. His energy to keep the ball in play however ultimately resulted in a Smeltz goal.

Peter Triantis                                              N/A

No time to influence.

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Taking Archie off when he's cutting Sydney apart is a mistake. Thanks Kevin.
You're not watching Dimitrijevic close enough. He runs the show. Antonis learning from him.