Popa: Our fans are still number one

Tony Popovic have slammed the flare-throwing minority and urged football fans to focus on what his side is doing on the park.

“If people want to throw flares, it’s illegal, they shouldn’t come to the game,” Popovic said.

“We want [the fans] to keep supporting us with a passion but to understand flares are illegal and not allowed.”

Popovic said that he was 'optimistic' about the club not having their suspended points deduction applied on the basis of further fan issues.

“We’re disappointed with the sanction but it’s one we have to accept,” added Popovic.

“We have a special bond with our fans... and what we’ve built is phenomenal and it’s been fantastic for the league,” said Popovic.

Popovic was quick to stress that despite the latest incident this wouldn't change.

“That bond won’t change,” he stressed.

“I’m a very proud head coach of this football club. That won’t change. Our bond won’t change.

“With our fans, that’ll only get stronger.

“If they want to support our team with a passion that we’ve seen, home and away, please come because, we love seeing you there.

“And I certainly love seeing them from the sidelines.”

Popovic however, bemoaned the fact that most of the press coverage post-match has been on the flares and not the dominating performance in a  1-1 draw against the reigning A-League champions last week.

“We want them [the fans] there in big numbers on Sunday, loud and proud,” he added.

“Let’s get the focus on the great game of football and this great run we’re on.” 

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