Create professional coaching session plans

Now you can create professional session plans quickly and easily. is a British company which is leading the way in bringing together individual coaches and top league football clubs, to improve football training sessions.

By replacing the chalkboard with 3D graphics in briefing teams on their training sessions, players understand practice drills much more quickly.  With simple mouse controls, a coach can rotate the pitch, change the camera angle, zoom-in on activities and draw annotations like TV sports commentators. The result: session explanations are fully understood in moments and the team is out practicing.

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Pro-clubs have been quick to take up the benefits of SportSessionPlanner.  In its first 18 months, a growing list of top league clubs like Liverpool FC, Manchester United, LA Galaxy and The New York Red Bulls  have adopted SportSessionPlanner for their first teams, academies and international schools. 

Rene Meulensteen, The Manchester United First Team Coach says: "SSP has enabled the Manchester United First Team Coaches to plan sessions, categorize them and retrieve them quickly and efficiently. The session-builder is an outstanding feature that enables us to select existing drills and build a session in a matter of seconds! SSP is definitely the best product of its kind and I recommend this software system to all coaches from grassroots to elite!"

Without the benefits of 3D visuals, football session planners have been around for a while.  But SportSessionPlanner is the first to allow coaches to share their sessions within their own club or the wider community.

Managing Director, Magnus Alford, was inspired to develop SportSessionPlanner as an 11-year Premiership Academy coach says: "We wanted to give individual and student coaches the chance to run training sessions designed by premier and top league clubs.  But I've been excited to find that top clubs are also adopting drills created by our individual members.  It's a great opportunity."Organisation is another great benefit of the tool.  By filing sessions in searchable personal, club and public libraries, coaches can now put together training sessions in a few minutes; built from their own past drills, other coaches' club sessions, perhaps adapt a public session and maybe add a new drill of their own.  Magnus says: "They say success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.  We want to capture inspirational sessions to benefit the whole coaching community; make session-prep quick and simple; and leave perspiration for the pitch!  

"Gone are the days when my personal session library comprised of accumulated folders of magazines, session plans scribbled on bits of paper and on the back of hotel notepads.  Instead of rummaging through all that, I can now locate any session drill in a few seconds."

Modern day football coaches are usually rushed and under pressure to arrive early, then plan a session and deliver it to a high standard. That's equally true for the grassroots football coach who volunteers to take the local under-14s team and trains once a week after work, as it is for a pro-club coach.  And an elite part-time Academy coach might train four nights a week, have an Academy match at the weekend and still keep down a 9-til-5 job!

SportSessionPlanner isn't limited to creating a revolution in UK football.  It is already becoming popular in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 

You can view an introductory video about the product's features here.

FourFourTwo has been experimenting with the software and can vouch for the usability of the software - here's a screen shot of one the sessions we created below.


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