Toxic levels rising: New Balance's first football launch of 2016

Making their first splash in 2016, New Balance put up a bright and bold combo for their duo range of boots. Coated in a ‘Toxic’ colourway, the Furon and Visaro are bound to do some damage, donning the feet of players like Fellaini and our very own Timmy Cahill. Click HERE to view our exclusive imagery now!

As vivid as they are, the two boots still look sleek and classy in their simple toned aesthetic. The Visaro is painted White, with Toxic underlays, lining, laces, and soleplate. Engineered for players who’s job it is to MAKE chances, the Visaro offers a Vari-Zone Ariaprene Upper for enhanced ball control and game manipulation, as well as creating a sublime dampening ball control effect which no other boot can offer. The Medial Pivot Zone in the forefoot of the soleplate helps the player turn quick and shift direction almost instantly with its rounded studs placed in the areas where you need it the most, making it ideal for the midfielders who are shifting directions almost every second. Comfort is a major contributor to the boots success so far, making it a usual appearance in our match day program. The Fresh Foam sockliner delivers incredible underfoot cushioning and relieves any forms of stud pressure, meaning the Visaro is a go-to boot for Australia’s hard summer grounds. A suede lining also aids the comfort factor, killing any chance of blistering and making the boot a premium pleasure to have on your feet. For the perfect fit, all New Balance elite boots are fitted with a Pro-Form last, which has been created over time analysing hundreds of footballers feet, so that the boots offer you the fit that you require. Thoughtful stuff from the folks at New Balance, eh?  

Click HERE to view the exclusive imagery now!

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For those goal hungry menace creators who take up the job that the Visaro left of with, the Furon is for those who TAKE chances; in other words, score all the goals. Built for straight line speed, the Furon is crafted from a High-Energy return upper, for ultimate responsiveness and bounce when sprinting at high speeds. To make sure the players feet are locked in place for optimum stability and support, the Fantom Fit cage wraps the foot with the Burrito Tongue upper design, which also helps create a larger and sweeter striking zone. Helping aid the straight line speed that players who TAKE chances need, the Ultra Directional stud configuration penetrates and delivers unrivalled traction when hitting high speeds on the pitch. With all this, comfort still needs to be factored in. The fixed RevLite socklier delivers ultra lightweight, but very plush cushioning to make sure your feet get what they need. 

For this upcoming football season, you can be sure that New Balance will look after your needs as a footballer. For over 100 years the brand has been engineering sports performance footwear, so you can be certain that what you get is of superb quality, and will push your game to the next level. Now its time to decide for yourself, do you MAKE chances, or do you TAKE them?

Join in on the conversation at @newbalanceau on Twitter, and @newbalanceaustralia and @footballbootsaus on IG. The 'Toxic' Visaro and Furon will be available ot purchase from New Balance and #TheHomeOfFootball at Rebel Sport on the 25.02.16