A goalkeeper’s guide to coping with wet weather conditions

Get your footwear right and be decisive and you'll cope with a slippery surface, says Manchester City and England goalkeeper, Joe Hart
“I’m a goalkeeper and prone to a howler in the rain. Any tips for coping with wet conditions?”
Slaven Novoselac, via Facebook

Joe Hart says:
“On a wet, muddy surface, you have to wear studs [as opposed to blades]. The right footwear is imperative in tough conditions.

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See how the ball reacts to the surface. You might expect it to be quick when wet, but it could hold up depending on the state of the pitch.

Hold a good position, make your decision early and stick with it. Even if it leads to a mistake, it’s better to play with conviction than hesitation.

When shots zip off a wet surface you can try to hold on to them, but if in doubt, it’s better to parry them away and get stick for making a camera save. Try to catch a wet ball and you risk dropping it into the net or at the feet of their striker.

Try not to wear brand new gloves in wet conditions – they can be rigid from the maker’s finish. Wash and dry a worn-in pair. I use a boot scrubbing brush to get all the dirt off. I nicked that from Rob Green.”

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