Ronaldo vs Messi: Another way of looking at it

So Cris has beaten Leo to the Ballon d'Or as well as the top of the FFT 100. But let's face it, they're both rather good...

Ronaldo and Messi: titans atop the world of football. Undisputedly the world's two best players (sorry, Franck), they've reversed their previous order in both the Ballon d'Or and FourFourTwo's Top 100 Players in the World, with the Portuguese overtaking the Argentine in both lists. The folks over at JD Sports have been busy comparing the two legends, and here's what they found...

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Messi will have more goals than Ronaldo by the time he is 28, but it's obvious that it's easier to score in La Liga (when you're playing for one of the Big Two) than if you're playing in the Premier League (like Ronaldo did).