David Luiz: Chelsea should show Terry more respect

Former Chelsea defender David Luiz admitted he is shocked at the way John Terry's contract has been handled by his former club.

Paris Saint-Germain defender David Luiz is shocked by the way John Terry has been treated by his former club Chelsea.

David Luiz, who played alongside Terry at Chelsea from 2011 to 2014, said he could not understand why the club had not offered their captain a new contract.

Terry announced that he would be looking to move on at the end of the season after Chelsea denied his request for talks over a new contract, although the struggling Premier League champions said that they would be open to talks later in the campaign.

However, Terry has seemingly made up his mind and is looking to continue his career elsewhere.

"John is probably Chelsea's greatest ever player, the club need to show him some more respect," David Luiz told The Mirror.

"He has been clear that he wants to stay at the club, and they are making him wait for an answer.

"That is not how you treat a player who has given you so much and been a big part of so much success. The fans love John - if this is not handled well, they are not going to be happy.

"I am confused why John hasn't been offered a new contract. He is still the best central defender at the club and one of the best in England, there should be no question about him being offered another a year."

Terry will be absent from Tuesday's clash with PSG in France due to an injured tendon.

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The idiot of David Luis first want to lure Costa and Hazard to PSG and now want Chelsea to perpetuate Terry? Come on! This guy forgot all his roots at Chelsea, not like Mata who always show measure and honesty. David Luis is not trusted any more!. If He quit Chelsea because Mourinho, How now ask to sack Van Gal to put Mourinho instead? or Does He quit because he didn't like Chelsea at all??.
I see no reason to prefer Terry on the pitch to Cahill or Ivanovich. I can say two of the lions behind Chelsea success were precisely Cahill and Ivanovich, Both delivered such energy and desire game after game incredible!
For the coming years moving Ivanovich to his original central defender position playing alongside Cahill as Chelsea rock solid central defense is the logical solution. They both are faster than Terry , better on one-on-one and strong as a rock and two of the best headers in football.

The team will be, Azpilcueta on the right [not left], to Baba Ramahn [real left winger abilities], Cahill, Ivanovich, Matic, Mikel, and I say Zouma is first team and has to be always on the pitch but joker position for rotation and injuries, while young just as Ivanovich did extraordinarily for so many years.