Ze Roberto: Play into your 40s

Palmeiras midfielder Ze Roberto is getting better with age. The 41-year-old shares the secrets to his match-winning longevity, and includes a few tips in the bedroom 
Know when to score
“I don’t have much sex with my wife in the lead-up to a game or directly after. Sex must not interfere with an athlete’s routine. You must know the right time to have sex. With experience, you’ll discover the perfect timing.”


Prevent to prolong
“Injuries can shorten a player’s career. To reduce my risk of injury I work on my abdominal and lower back muscles, because they play a key role in acceleration and deceleration.” 
Stay hungry
“Most players retire when they lose their motivation to compete. I always have a goal: I want to win titles and enjoy the job I love. That’s what keeps me going.”
The number of sit-ups Ze Roberto does each day
8 hours
The amount of sleep the former Bayern Munich midfielder gets every night
Stretch and strengthen
“I’ve always started training an hour early to stretch and do my strengthening exercises. My professionalism has enabled me to play at the top level for 22 years – I had to give up partying and drinking to become a complete athlete, but I’m reaping the rewards now.” 


Ze Roberto’s optimal weight
Eat clean, train right
“I follow a strict diet – no junk food, soda or alcohol. It’s part of the life of a truly professional player. When you get into your 30s, tailor your training programme to suit your body.”

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