6 key ways to improve your finances in Football Manager 2017

If you’re heading for bankruptcy, you’re heading for trouble. Fraser Gilbert explains the best ways to achieve financial stability - and even find a future wonderkid - in FM 2017

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If you’re hoping to become the ultimate football manager and lead your chosen team to glory, you’ll need to master every aspect of the managerial role. That said, keeping track of wages, clauses and additional fees can be a daunting task, particularly if you’re new to the series.

You can’t afford to ignore your finances. Bankruptcy can be the result of significant monthly losses, leading to numerous restrictions and eventually, the end of your tenure. To ensure that doesn’t happen, we’ve put together a few basic tips to help you through any financial difficulties you may face.

Stick to your wage budget

At the beginning of the season, you’re given a wage budget. Your job is to avoid going over that target - and by doing just that, the board’s confidence in your abilities will improve. If you’re intent on adding to your wages instead of making use of your transfer budget, you can always adjust the balance accordingly in the ‘Board’ section.

It’s important that you don’t go over budget. Initially, it’s worth analysing your current squad for transfer list candidates, particularly if high wages and big bonuses are involved. And, while it might be tempting to sign that five-star rated free agent, it’s almost always better to walk away if their demands are beyond your means.

Invest in a youth structure

If your board will allow it, it’s beneficial to invest in an improved youth structure. You’ll need the money to do so, but the resulting quality of young players will be higher, therefore improving your ability to make a profit in future seasons.

By improving your youth and training facilities (including junior coaching and youth recruitment), you might just stumble on the perfect wonderkid. You’ll need to give regular playing time to youngsters with potential, and sending them out on loan can be useful too. If you’re going to sell, it’s worth adding ‘Percentage Of Profit From Next Sale’ to the fee if you think they’ll flourish. Additionally, be sure to peruse the free transfer market for future stars on a semi-regular basis.

Pay attention to contract clauses

Speaking of fees, don’t forget that contract clauses can have a huge impact on your finances. When negotiating a contract for an existing or new member of your team, it’s important to pay attention to add-ons. With clever negotiation tactics, you could save a lot of money on the deal.

There are many clauses to be aware of. Appearance fees and goal bonuses are common, and require careful thought before agreeing terms. It’s even more important to be aware of highly-paid clauses such as loyalty bonuses, agent fees and promotion rewards. Analyse the deal in full, and don’t agree to anything you might regret.