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Best Adidas football boots 2020: Mutator, Nemeziz, X Ghosted and Copa Mundials

Best Adidas football boots
(Image credit: Adidas)

The best Adidas football boots for you will naturally depend on a number of factors: what type of player you are, what designs you like the look of and, of course, what kind of budget you're working with. 

German sports manufacturing giants Adidas sponsor some of the world's best players, including Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale and Mohamed Salah. They also make fantastic boots for us mere mortals, and have produced some of the most classic and beloved boot designs down the years. 

Basically, with Adidas, you always get a quality product, enjoyed by millions worldwide. Here, we review some of our favourites on the market in 2020.

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X Ghosted

(Image credit: Adidas)


The futuristic new boot inspired by falcons and worn by speed kings

Vacuum fit experience
Translucent look
Incredibly lightweight 

Released in time for the Champions League restart, the GHOSTED X Adidas boots are the most high-tech that the company has ever released.

Inspired by track athletes' soles, these boots provide an extra bounce when running, while the super-thin translucent material that wraps around the chassis of the boot is designed to feel like you're not wearing anything at all. 

Mohamed Salah and Gabriel Jesus are set to wear these - you can't argue with that.

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Adidas X19

Ultralight football shoes for the quickest and most daring players

Cushioned insole
Light and comfortable
Low price
Not designed for slower players

A boot designed for the speed-merchants among you. The fit of the boot is close and tight without suffocating your feet, while its lightweight feel gives an extra edge when dribbling and sprinting past opponents. 

The off-centre lacing leaves extra space on the outer part of the foot to allow a wider surface area for subtle touches on the ball during those high speed slaloms through the defence.

If you're more of a Leroy Sane than a John Terry then this is the boot for you.

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(Image credit: Adidas)

Predator Mutator 20.1

A classic design re-built for the modern midfielder

Moulded sock lining
Classic and trusted series

As worn by the likes of Dele Alli and Paul Pogba, the Predator Mutator 20.1 is all about control. The new rubber elements on the Mutator are designed to give you an unfair advantage on the ball, with their grip and benefits to ball control.

A snug fit and a classic series - you can be sure these boots will go the distance, and give you that extra edge until the final seconds of injury time.

They don't come more revered and respected than the Predator range. 

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(Image credit: Adidas)

Adidas Nemeziz

Designed for players who are all about speed and agility

Split outsole design helps you accelerate away from the opposition
Provides stability and traction for those quick cuts and turns

The Nemeziz series was first inspired by the process of taping that dancers and combat sport athletes perform. The idea of the boot was based around using adidas’ “Agility Bandages” to wrap around your foot for maximum lockdown and stability when making sharp movements on the field. 

This allows wearers to be as agile as possible. Light on their feet - almost like a stealthy ninja sneaking up on a hapless victim.

The result is beautifully crafted and sexy football boot, built for players with quick feet; always on their toes and waiting to burst past opponents into those little pockets of space. 

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(Image credit: Adidas)

Copa Mundials

Proper boots for proper players and all-rounders

Kangaroo leather - lightweight and durable
Dual-density outsole 
Classic retro design

The most classic, beautifully crafted football boot ever made. Simple. 

The Copa Mundial might not be as flashy, as showy, as garish as many of the other football boots on the market in the modern day, but it does its job as well as any, and it does it while being comfortable, durable and wonderfully old school. 

If you're a no nonsense type of player, you need a no nonsense boot. Simple, slick and enduringly cool. 

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