FIFA 20: 10 overpowered full-backs to sign on FUT for under 50k coins

FIFA 20 overpowered full-backs right-backs left-backs

It’s easy to run out of attacking options on FIFA 20, especially when your opponent employs the drop-back tactical set-up which emulates the real-life ‘park the bus’ tactic.

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In a bid to consistently make your way into your opponent’s 18-yard-area, you need to have full-backs that are capable of making overlapping runs and dribbling past your opponent’s players.

On that note, here’s a look at 10 full-backs who cost under 50k coins and are capable of introducing a new dynamic to your attack, while also keeping things tidy in defence;

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Nelson Semedo

Price: 15k

Barcelona’s Nelson Semedo has a great combination of In-game stats that allow him to perform well on the virtual pitch. The Portuguese right-back boasts 92 pace and 88 agility, allowing him to out-run and dribble past defenders whilst making overlapping runs. 

With a Shadow chemistry style, Semedo gets a tidy pace boost which maxes out his sprint speed and acceleration at 99 each. The Shadow chemistry style also improves his overall defensive stat by nine points, thus giving him an overall defensive rating of 86.

Marcos Acuna (IF)

Price: 17k

Sporting CP’s Acuna received an In-form upgrade as part of the TOTW 5 squad. Acuna’s IF card went a bit under the radar due to the fact that he doesn’t play in a top-five league, despite being a linkable card chemistry-wise.

IF Acuna is by far one of the best-rounded cards on the game at the moment, as the Argentine left-back’s card boasts 87 dribbling, 87 physicality, 85 passing, 86 shot power and 80 pace.

A Shadow chemistry style would give his pace a significant +12 boost, thus allowing him to keep up with the fastest players on the game. Acuna’s card costs just 17k coins - a Premier League version of his card would probably cost thrice that.

Jordi Alba

Price: 46k

Alba was one of the most used left-backs on FIFA 19, this year’s iteration of the game is no different in that regard as the Spaniard remains one of the best players to man your Ultimate Team’s left-flank.

With 89 agility, 85 balance and 90 pace, Alba is a force to be reckoned with when making his way into your opponent’s half of the pitch. 

The Barcelona man is also quite good at thwarting incoming attacks thanks to his interception and sliding tackle stats: both are rated 83 without a chemistry style, which, in itself shows just how good Alba really is.

Kyle Walker

Price: 43k

Walker’s base card is incredibly overpowered on its own, but with an Anchor chemistry style, the Manchester City man performs like an icon on FIFA 20.

The Anchor chemistry style boosts his pace from 91 to 96, his overall defensive stat from 81 to 89, and his physicality from 81 to 85 – making him one of the hardest full-backs to get past on the game.

Denzel Dumfries

Price: 32k

Dumfries was popular among the FIFA community back in FIFA 19, as his TOTS card was featured in official FIFA eSport tournaments.

Dumfries recently received a UEL Live FUT item, meaning that the Dutchman will receive upgrades throughout the course of FIFA 20 based on PSV’s progress in the Europa League.

At the moment his card possesses 89 physicality and 84 pace - but should his club go well in Europe, Dumfries’ card will improve tremendously.

Andrew Robertson

Price: 35k

Liverpool’s Robertson, just like in real life, will make an instant impact once you add him to your Ultimate Team. 

With a Shadow chemistry style, the Scot possesses 97 pace, 92 interceptions and a defensive awareness rating of 91.

Alex Sandro

Price: 41k

There aren’t many players capable of going toe-to-toe with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic on FIFA, with both players boasting considerable strength, However, pit them against Alex Sandro in a 1v1 situation, and the Brazilian is more than likely to come out on top.

Boasting 95 pace and 90 defending with a Shadow chemistry style, Sandro performs like an icon on the left flank. He’s stronger than his stats suggests and always seems to find a way to win aerial duels against players taller than him. His FUT item has been this way since FIFA 19, so it’s no surprise that Sandro remains a popular option among FIFA players.

Alex Telles

Price: 5k

Telles is a more affordable alternative to Sandro. The Porto left-back stands at 5ft 11in and is capable of engaging in physical battles thanks to his aggression stat – rated 78 without a chemistry style.

Telles’s usefulness is evident in the attacking third: the Brazilian defender is able to whip in accurate crosses thanks to his 89-rated crossing stat that introduces a new dynamic to your defence.

Ferland Mendy

Price: 23k

The fact that 80-rated Ferland Mendy costs 23k coins, two months after FIFA 20’s release, speaks volumes about his abilities on the virtual pitch.

The Frenchman boasts a four-star skill rating and five-star weak foot, plus 89 pace and 80 agility. A Shadow chemistry style would give Mendy 98 pace, making him more overpowered than he already is.


Price: 15k

Marcelo is the only defender in-game who has a five-star skill rating, making him something of a special player. If you enjoy skilling – and who doesn't? – you’ll definitely love having the Brazilian on your team; he also has incredible dribbling stats, none of which are rated less than 85.

A Shadow chem style would give Marcelo enough pace (93) to run down the flanks without getting caught, before making use of his dribbling abilities to go past players and open up space for a shot or cut-back.


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