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Quiz! Can you name the clubs that have spent the most money on transfer fees since 2000?

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10 minutes on the clock, 50 clubs to guess. How many can you name?

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo (opens in new tab), and challenge some friends!

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16 football clubs in the world have spent over a billion pounds in transfer fees this century. Think of everything you could do with that kind of money…

Really, as fans, we're very detached from the reality of how much cash gets thrown around in transfer windows. £50m for this one, £80m for that one – how strange is it that we can call some players bargains, when they cost more money that we will perhaps ever see in person?

And how exactly do the transactions take place? PayPal? Bank transfer? A giant cheque like the ones you see on Comic Relief?

The transfer window is full of big numbers – so let's give you some more. 


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